High-Tech Product Companies - Is Software Development Keeping Your Product From Being Successful?

Requirement Specifications for High-Tech Product Development Companies - SRS, PRD, FRS

ProSoft Solutions Inc. works with high-tech product companies developing software based products.

Many high-tech product companies, large and small, with a great product and a willing market are often frustrated because software development takes too long, delivers late with fewer features than promised and with more defects than expected.

These and other problems often happen because of poor communication. If you have more than 2-3 people developing your product then good communication becomes essential. The key communication tool is your requirement specifications.

Many companies do not realize that software development and hence their product are directly affected by the quality of their requirement specifications. Unfortunately, few companies have people with the know-how to develop effective specifications.

ProSoft Solutions Inc. specializes in developing requirement specifications that actually work. We have in-depth experience developing software products and we know what developers need from requirement specifications. We specialize in high-tech product companies.

Using requirements specifications developed by ProSoft Solutions Inc. your software development will:

  • Improve in ways that can reduce your costs for development, support, testing and user documentation.
  • Improve the quality of your product.
  • More effectively utilize your people.
  • Deliver more features and functionality in your product.

ProSoft Solutions Inc. has been helping the high-tech industry successfully develop products since 1994. We have worked with large multi-national technology companies and with small start-ups. We have helped high-tech companies develop products for wireless data infrastructure, mobile applications, military defense, enterprise business and other areas.

If you need help developing requirement specifications to put your product development on the path for success contact Lyle Parkyn at 604-324-3311 or E-mail.

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