Is the success of your business highlighting the inability of your accounting system to adapt to changing and demanding needs?

Every business is different and yet packaged accounting systems offer one solution that requires businesses to do things their way. Often that isn’t the best way for your business.

Custom Business Management Systems

Does your mid-size business need more than packaged accounting systems can provide? Yet does Big Vendor ERP seem like too much? Too much cost, too much time and too much turmoil.

What you want is something less than Big Vendor ERP. A lot less cost, a lot less time and much less turmoil. But, with a whole lot of what your business needs. Oh, and something that keeps up as your business grows and changes.

What to do?

Perhaps you started considering an ERP system from one of the Big Vendors. After all, these systems can be modified to fit a business. Many businesses hope to adopt Big Vendor ERP without modification but nearly all installations require changes. It’s those changes that take a long time to get done. Think 16-20 months average.

Big Vendor ERP requires months and months of effort, truckload$ of money and does not deliver anything useable for months. And when it is delivered your business might very well have changed in the meantime requiring additional re-work of the delivered system.

Then there’s the time and cost to train your people to use the new ERP system. These are complex systems with myriads of menus, screens, dialogues, choices, options. Learning what to do takes extensive costly training.

What your business needs is an affordable solution delivered fast that doesn’t cause major disruption in your business.

Does the following describe the type of solution you need?

I need a business system:

  • Designed specifically for how my business operates.
  • That takes weeks to deliver instead of months or years.
  • That doesn’t cost truckloads of money to purchase.
  • That doesn’t involve costly maintenance contracts.
  • That is simple to use by my people and doesn’t require extensive disruptive training.
  • That can quickly change as my business grows and doesn’t cost a fortune for those changes.
  • That doesn’t require an IT department specially trained to run and maintain the system.
  • That gives me worry free data security.

Quite the wish list isn’t it?

But it’s not a wish list. All of the above, and more, is available now in a single system solution.

It is possible to design and build a custom system for your specific business needs in a matter of weeks.

Not years. Not months. In weeks.

What does that mean for your business when it takes weeks instead of months?

  • It means you are not paying for all kinds of high-priced consultants, system development people, and account managers. You are saving truckload$ of money.
  • It means the system you receive will match how your business operates now. Within weeks your company can be operating with a new business management system.
  • It means that your people have not spent months reviewing and approving documents and having endless meetings with consultants and analysts. Your business will not have to suffer turmoil.
  • It means your people will not need extensive, costly, disruptive training. They can be doing their jobs with the new system with mere hours of training.

How do you get such a business management system?

ProSoft Solutions Inc. will get your business running with a custom business management system designed and built specifically for your enterprise. This will be done at fraction of the time and cost of a big vendor ERP system.

You end up with a business management system:

  • That is easy to understand and use,
    • it has only the business functions you need
    • does not have complicated menus or endless dialogues to complete
    • uses simple understandable data entry forms that use your business terminology
    • enables quick training of new employees
  • That is a cloud based multi-user system,
    • with user access profiles to control access and restrict functions
    • with automatic data backup
    • with no IT support headaches or costs
  • That has super secure protection,
    • user password controlled access
    • encryption on all communications
    • encrypted database
    • encrypted backups
  • That doesn’t require costly maintenance contracts,
    • saves you thousands of dollars per year
    • free automatic software updates
    • software updates provide access to new features and improvements as they are released
    • as your business changes new business functions can be added quickly and at very low cost

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