I originally sent this story to subscribers and customers Christmas Eve 2008. I thought it would be nice to post it here.

“Why is the oven element glowing red in one spot”, my wife asked me from the
front door of the house. I stopped shovelling the heavy snow and headed indoors
for a look. “I’ve turned it off because I wasn’t sure.” she said as I looked in
the oven.

She’d put the Christmas Eve turkey in the oven about one and half hours ago
and was checking it when she noticed a red spot glowing brightly on the oven

“I don’t see anything now” I said. I turned the oven back on and went out to
continue shovelling snow.

It had snowed all last night and all day today. This on top of a week of
snowy days. It was snowing so much the walks needed shovelling as soon as I
finished. For Vancouver, this was unusual weather. The last white Christmas was
ten years ago, 1998. They announced it on the radio earlier today.

After I finished shovelling I came back in and opened the oven to check for
the red spot. No spot. I guess it’s alright. Then I noticed the oven didn’t feel
very hot. Not even that warm really.

“The oven’s not very hot” I said. “Wait a minute. It’s not working at all!”.
“That’s what the red spot was about. The oven element had burned out.”

I had replaced it three or four years ago and now it’s gone again.

Great! Here it is Christmas Eve, 3:30 in the afternoon and with a half cooked

I frantically phoned around for a replacement element but every place was
closed early because it was Christmas Eve and it had been snowing all day and
all night.

Now What?

“We could take the turkey over to my uncles place and use their oven.”, my
wife suggested. “They won’t be using it tonight.”

Problem was there’s two feet of snow in the streets. Even with my wife’s
all-wheel drive Subaru Forester I didn’t relish making the trek. Even if it was
only a few blocks away.

Then I thought of the BBQ. “We could BBQ it.”

I’ve never cooked a turkey in a BBQ before. I had heard it could be done. At
least I think I had heard it could be done. This seemed like a good time to try.
In fact, it was a perfect time to try.

Of course, since I’d been shoveling the backyard walkways all week the snow
was piled high around the BBQ. More shoveling.

We decided to leave the turkey in the roaster pan and popped it into the BBQ. I just hoped there was enough propane left over from the summer.


Turkey Dinner Saved by the BBQ after Digging it out of the Snow Drift.

Well, there was enough propane. The turkey cooked up really nice. We had a
nice Christmas Eve turkey dinner. Certainly, a tale to retell at future
Christmas dinners.

I hope your holiday isn’t quite as memorable. My best to you, your family in
this joyful holiday time.

May you have a healthy and prosperous 2012.


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